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Merry marching on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day is in connection with a saint, however, it is one of the funniest feasts. This merry-making characterized the marching of the Bilingual Section on St. Patrick's Day. Children dressed in green jackets and hats and gathered together in the school garden with a green shamrock in their hands. The green shamrock is the symbol of this feast. The Pápa Brass Band started to play a rythmical tune with the help of conductor Adrián Horváth. The colourful group started marching down Jókai Street. The passers-by and motorists were curiously looking at the marching children that waved their hands returning the greeting. Headmaster Csaba Venczel and the day-care children were waiting for the marchers in the main building of the school and rewarded the band's short concert with an enthusiastic applause. Then the procession returned to the building of the Bilingual Section.

After the procession the teachers of the school offered cakes and tea to the members of the band. Nagy Gabriella, the organizer of the program, who is also the member of the band, dazzled their companions' taste buds with apple pie, carrot cake and a special frankfurter sausage dish. We spent St. Patrick's Day in a good atmosphere, just like others in the other parts of the world and we would like to thank the Pápa Brass Band. We also would like to thank our colleagues for having helped us organize the event, and Gabriella Nagy for the organization and tasty cakes.

Hardi Tünde

(translated by Ildikó Francsics)