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Tarczy Lajos Elementary School

The Tarczy Lajos Elementary School with its 650 student is one of Pápa’s biggest elementary schools.

Our task is to provide education for 6-14 years old children from our school district who wish to take part in English-Hungarian bilingual education, or would like to learn English or German languages or IT on a higher level.

According to the decision of our supporter – the local government of Pápa – we have an English-Hungarian class on each age group from the 2008-2009 academic year. In each class pupils have 5 English lessons per week, in addition they study particular subjects in English. In the lower primary classes Music, Art, Science and P.E., in the upper primary Science- Biology and Geography-, History, Civilization and on 7th and 8th grades IT as well.

Within the C-17 Strategic Airlift Capability Project we also welcome children from foreign families in our bilingual classes and provide education for them. The first couple of students have already arrived from Sweden and the USA. We are expecting more students from the Netherlands, Norway and some other European countries in the near future. They will be taught Hungarian as a second language.

The school is operating in two well renovated buildings. At 18 Jokai Street is the main building serving the standard curriculum classes and those who learn English, German, and IT on higher level.

The English-Hungarian bilingual classes are located at 37 Jókai Street. Although this building has always been a school, a lot of works have been done to make the school more modern and safer. The cover of the necessary expenses, which was about 200 million forints, was ensured by the Municipality of Pápa. The following works have been completed in the building:

  • the doors and windows have been painted,
  • there are new desks, chairs and blackboards in the classrooms,
  • new toilets were built for girls and boys on each floor,
  • the school has been made handicap accessible: there are two elevators with which, handicapped children can rach each room of the school. Separate toilets were built on each floor for them.
  • A fence has been built around the school yard.
  • In our modernized IT room there are 24 brand new computers with Internet access and web cameras. There is an Internet access in each classroom and within a few weeks each classroom will be equipped with a notebook as well.
  • In order to meet high safety requirements safety cameras have been installed. There are 22 cameras in the corridors, in the school canteen, the gym, in the staircases and two ones in the yard.
  • Modern motion sensors and smoke sensors have been installed all over the building.

At the moment the school is employing three American teachers who teach not only English language, but also Art, Biology and Geography.The Municipality of Pápa provides official residences to them.

In order to provide a high quality education our English teachers are taking part in further trainings to deepen their knowledge at methodology of bilingual education. Besides almost all the teachers who work in the bilingual section can speak some English and they are taking part in an English language course to improve their English knowledge.

Extracurricular activities

Our pupils have a wide range of possibilities to spend their free time usefully. Our school coaching the town’s junior basketball team in the second line of the national league. There are 3 girl-teams and 3 boy-teams. In addition there are table tennis, soccer and judo trainings for children. For those who prefer arts we can offer our choir, literature circle and dance classes.